Silvie's Silvie's
The Acoustic Explosion at Silvie's - EVERY MONDAY 8:00-11:00pm
WHAT IS IT? - A live music show featuring 6 performers/acts doing 25min sets.
WHAT IS IT NOT? - It's not an Open Mic. All performers are booked into their time slots ahead of time.
WHEN IS IT? - Every Monday, the show starts at 8:00pm, ends at 11:00pm.
WHERE IS IT? - Silvie's, located on the north side of Chicago at 1902 w. Irving Park Rd. (between Damen & Ashland) [click HERE for map].
WHO IS RUNNING THIS SHOW? - Singer/Songwriter John Kuczaj is the booking agent for this show and also the host. Check out his music - ATOMIC SHOP.
ARE THE PERFORMERS PAID? - there is no pay.
WHAT IS SUPPLIED BY THE VENUE? - Silvie's supplies an audio tech, audio & instrument microphones, cables and a music stand for the show. We also have a house keyboard that can be used. otherwise, all you need to do is bring your instrument & tuner.
CAN I PLAY COVERS? - Yes, Originals and covers are equally welcome.
MY ONLY EXPERIENCE IS PLAYING OPEN MIC NIGHTS, IS THAT OKAY? - Yes! A 25 minute set is 5-7 songs, so the Acoustic Explosion is a great showcase for you to expand your performing experience.
CAN I HAVE OTHER PERFORMERS JOIN ME ON STAGE? - Multiple performers onstage are allowed.
CAN I BOOK A FULL BAND FOR THE SHOW? - Only for the last slot of the night (10:30pm). Otherwise, in the other slots full drum kits are not allowed (1 snare/djembe is okay).
CAN I PLAY MY ELECTRIC GUITAR AT THE ACOUSTIC EXPLOSION? - Yes! Electric instruments & keyboards are allowed (we have one amp, but feel free to bring your own if you prefer - guitars do not plug into the house).
WAIT, I HAVE TO PLUG INTO AN AMP? - There's an instrument mic on the stage but if you move around as you play, fingerpick with a very light touch or just prefer to be plugged in, there is a Fender Champion 40 amp available on-stage for you. CLICK HERE to see the amp specs.
TELL ME MORE ABOUT THE HOUSE KEYBOARD - It's a Williams Legato 1 Digital Piano. CLICK HERE to see the keyboard manual.
WHERE CAN I SEE PICTURES OF THE AMP & KEYBOARD? - Click here to see the amp & keyboard.

HOW DO PERFORMERS SIGN UP? - Email John Kuczaj directly at: - Please include info about yourself including your musical experience, a music link if you have one, stage name if you have one, etc.
WHERE CAN I SEE THE UPCOMING SHOW SCHEDULE? - Check out the events posted in the Acoustic Explosion Facebook page.

RESPECT & SUPPORT YOUR FELLOW PERFORMERS - All performers must arrive before 7:55pm and stay at Silvie's until the show ends at 11pm.
PERFORMERS MUST PROMOTE THEIR SET - Performers must do their own promoting to their friends, family and fans. There are no regulars at the ACOUSTIC play to whomever you draw (or don't draw).
HOW LONG HAS THIS SHOW BEEN GOING ON? - The first Acoustic Explosion was on Oct 6, 2008. The 500th show was on November 25, 2019.

- Silvie's is a Cash-only bar. There is a ATM inside ($3 fee).
- All performers and ALL patrons must be over the age of 21 - NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
- Irving Park Road is metered parking until 10:00pm. The City of Chicago regularly tickets between 9:30-10pm on Mondays, feed the meter or risk a $50 ticket.