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The Chicago Media Examiner was inspired by (but not limited to) the state of Chicago TV News. Whether it's lazy MOS (Man-On-the-Street) segments, silly live "reports from the newsroom" (a whopping 10 feet from the desk), insipid morning "news"casts or poorly-written newspaper articles--this is the place to sound off.

In college, I "majored" in Television with an eye toward Journalism. The culmination of my school career was in my last year when I was a reporter for the school's cable access news program for one semester, then for the next I did commentary on that same show. In 1992, I left Chicago for a non-news related job at a TV station out of state. When you go from the #3 TV market to a smaller TV market, it is hard to get used to TV news anchors and reporters that have a lower bar of quality to live up to. I never did. I was amazed at the "amateurish" newspeople that populated the news in those markets. It sickened me to know that I and at least half the people who worked on my college newscast were better than many of the yokels in those medium-sized markets. I longed to return to Chicago and see professional newscasts again. When I did return in 1997, I was saddened at how far Chicago TV News had fallen.

You can get my opinions by reading the Examiner, but essentially I feel that the Golden Age of Chicago TV News ended when the era of Walter Jacobson & Bill Kurtis at Channel 2 ended. My own comments concentrate on TV news and newspapers. Check out
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