Dark Dominion



Glimmer Glimmer / Michael Alexander
First Appearance: Dark Dominion #0
Powers: Can see the Quantum Substratum of reality
Age: 54
Michael Alexander spent a lifetime overcoming the fears that limit human senses. Now he is able to see the Quantum Substratum of reality--the landscape of the id--underlying the "hard" world.
To normal eyes, he is a slight, aging eccentric, but to the evil things of the Substratum, he is a mighty power to be feared. He alone stands between this world and those who would reshape it into a Dark Dominion. Michael keeps a journal of Glimmer's personal war.
mercy Mercy / Mercedes Kieselbach
First Appearance: Dark Dominion #0
Mercedes Kieselbach lives in an Automatic teller Machine foyer at the corner of 42nd and Madison. Able to see the Quantum Plane because she's "crazy," she spends her days arguing with passing demons. She is Michael Alexander's dearest friend and closest confidant.

galahad Galahad
First Appearance: Dark Dominion #7
Some say Galahad was a man who learned to walk the Quantum Plane and forsook the "hard world". Other say he is a ghost, the spirit of a hero of antiquity. Still others say he is a manifestation of the collective id of mankind, the need for a hero personified in Quantum form. No matter how he came to be, though, he is a powerful ally of The Light. Galahad has dwelt on the Quantum Plane since before the birth of memory.
peaches Peaches
First Appearance: Dark Dominion #7
Like her beloved Galahad, Peaches' origins are unknown. Classically feminine in some ways but modernly feminist in others, she is a dainty damsel with oceans of inner strength, a maiden fair with a centerfold body wrapped around an attitude and the power to back it up. She, like Galahad has the power to fight the demons of the Quantum Plane.
salvage Salvage
First Appearance: Dark Dominion #0
Salvage, called "Sal" for short, opened a general store in the Bowels shortly after the stock market crash of October 1987. His store, called The Shanty, operates on a barter basis. Rumor has it that Sal was a Wall Street mogul before falling on hard times, but Sal claims he was a Navy Quartermaster. He'll trade anything for anything.
elephant Elephant / Eleanor McDonald
First Appearance: Dark Dominion #4
Thin and forgetful, Ellie gained the nickname "Elephant" by the same locig that justifies a bald man being called "curly." A tireless volunteer at the Armory Homeless Shelter, she is renowned for her kind and loving nature. She is one of Michael Alexander's best friends.

hamster Hamster / Thea Hamston
First Appearance: Dark Dominion #7
Petite, cute, but perhaps a little hirsute, Thea was nicknames hamster by an insensitive former boyfriend. To her dismay, the name stuck. Her alcoholic father, Bill Hamston, lives with her in her Hell's Kitchen walk-up. She is Michael Alexander's editor, and he is her counselor, confidant, and friend.

hootch Hootch / Bill Hamston
First Appearance: Dark Dominion #7
Powers: Can glimpse the Quantum Substratum when inebriated
A former high school football star and Vietnam War hero and now chronically unemployed, Hootch spends most of his days in Times Square gutters. Able to glimpse the Substratum while inebriated, he sometimes serves as a willing, if unsteady, ally of Glimmer. Hootch lives with his daughter, Thea, in her Hell's Kitchen apartment.
leper Leper / Robert Jolley
First Appearance: Dark Dominion #2
A former grade-school teacher, Leper was falsely accused of abusing the children in his care. The ensuing ordeal cost him his job, his friends, his wife, and, eventually, all he had. Now he resides in the Bowels and has become so hideously cankered and disgusting that no one will touch him.

chasm Chasm / Chales Mal
First Appearance: Dark Dominion #0
Dark Power: "Speaks fire" and burns Quantum enemies
Charles Mal gained the ability to see the Quantum Substratum of reality through the use of dangerous, illicit, experimental drugs while in college; eventually, he also learned to walk the Quantum Plane. He has used his abilities to make himself rich and powerful. Now he seeks to turn New York City into his private Dark Dominion.
lurk Lurk
First Appearance: Dark Dominion #5
It is said that Lurk was created by the collective id of all children and is the sum of all the darkest fears of childhood-the wicked things under the beds, the creatures in the closets, the terror of losing Mommy or Daddy. Lurk gets his claws--and teeth--into kids so easily: when they're lost, when they hear their parents fighting, even when they go to sleep...Lurk is the most deadly and powerful of demons.
skinner Skinner / Allen Miller
First Appearance: Dark Dominion #0
Skinner joined the NYPD in 1984, telling his friends that he wanted to "break a few heads." He was thrown off the force in 1986 for excessive brutality. He is now occasionally employed by Charles Mal as a bodyguard and is content to question nothing as long as he had opportunities for violence. He is called Skinner because of an incident that occurred during the interrogation of a suspect in 1986. Skinner's lair is a shrine to implements of pain and death.
skewer Skewer / Skip Ceyrolles
First Appearance: Dark Dominion #0
Skewer was a college track-and-field star whose best event was the javelin throw. During the 1976 Olympic trials, however, as errant throw of his impaled another athlete, gravely injuring him. The following year, at a national tournament, a similar occurrence resulted in the death of a world-class sprinter. Disgraced, shunned, and banned from competition, he eventually fell in with Clunk, with whom he vents his frustration through violence.
clunk Clunk / Clarence Wazenegger
First Appearance: Dark Dominion #0
As a young man, Clunk showed great promise as a baseball player. He was big, strong, and a prodigious hitter, but unfortunately, his fielding and throwing skills never developed and his dreams of stardom were ultimately dashed. Long after his prime had passed, the introduction of the designated hitter position drove him to madness. With his friend, Skewer, another failed athlete, he vents his hostility by murdering sports fans.
vex Vex
First Appearance: Dark Dominion #7
A quart of milk spoils before it should; an old vinyl record that was perfect before is now mysteriously scratched; a small but important part is missing from a kit; a computer glitches at the worst possible time…Vex was forged and fed by frustration at such things. Some say his power has grown so great that it now extends beyond the Substratum into reality and that he causes the very suffering that feeds him. The Vexlings are Vex's little worker ants, spreading out, spreading mischief--doing Vex's gruntwork while he concentrates on nastier pranks.
mule Mule
First Appearance: Dark Dominion #4
Mule was once the undisputed ruler of the Dark Dominion before Chasm came along. He organized and rules the demons from his stronghold, a quantum fortress in Central Park. Mule was a man long ago, who through arcane studies learned to see the substratum when deep in ritual trance. He finally learned to enter the Quantum Plane using the device of magic and soon found that physical pain lessened when in quantum form. After an injury, he entered the substratum for a lengthy time and forgot how to return to the hard world. His desperation to regain his lost humanity led Mule to bargain with a powerful demon, Bottom. Mule was betrayed and nearly killed by Bottom in the process but eventually took over Bottom's role as self appointed lord of despair. Now, even Chasm fears him.
muriel Muriel Powers
First Appearance: Dark Dominion #3
Muriel is the beloved, the object of desire, and the utter obsession of Charles Mal, who keeps her in opulent luxury. Though she returns his affections-sometimes with incendiary passion-she remains tantalizingly aloof, as though part of her soul were just beyond his grasp.

hustle Hustle / Shahood Dinwiddle
Only Appearance: Dark Dominion Trading Card #122
The lowest form of street swindler, con man, liar, petty thief, and cheat, Hustle rips off change from blind cripples, scams tourists, deals three-card-monte, picks pockets and skims tips. If he had rubber pockets, he'd steal soup.

calamari Calamari / Giuseppe Lercio
Only Appearance: Dark Dominion Trading Card #124
A partner in the law firm Hall, Wietz, Mishkin, Horton and Harrison, Calamari serves as counsel to many powerful corporate clients. Because he "has tentacles everywhere," he is called Calimari or, sometimes, Joe the squid-but never to his face. It is whispered by the power brokers that Calimari is in Charles Mal's inner circle.
scat Scat
Only Appearance: Dark Dominion Trading Card #125
Quick, agile and vicious, Scat specializes in hit-and-run ambushes, snatch-and-grab thefts, and hurtful harassment. He serves no one but himself, but bribes and threats sometimes ally him with the darkness.

shylock Shylock / Melanie Yee
Only Appearance: Dark Dominion Trading Card #126
At a remarkably young age, Melanie Yee achieved notable success-and earned the nickname Shylock-as an investment banker at a large financial institution during the euphoric mid-1980's. She used her reputation to start her own venture capital fund, Conquest Capital, L.P., during 1987-narrowly escaping the junk-bond bloodbaths that followed soon thereafter. Her largest investor is Charles Mal, and she is an important member of his inner circle.
skunk Skunk / Samuel Monsour
Only Appearance: Dark Dominion Trading Card #127
Called Skunk because of his horrendous body odor, which he cultivates, this Bowels resident earns a living of sorts by standing upwind of yuppies until they pay him to go away. Though kind and generous, he nonetheless has few friends.

oink Oink / Arnold Luncher
Only Appearance: Dark Dominion Trading Card #130
As President of Tempo Industries, Inc., Arnold Luncher enjoys the substantial benefits of success, largely in the form of huge, sumptuous meals and nonstop snacks. He believes that exploiting the rank-and-file employees is fundamental to capitalism and a key principle of management. He is a powerful member of Charles Mal's inner circle. Arnold Luncher often considers changing his name.
oak Oak
Only Appearance: Dark Dominion Trading Card #131
The strongest entity to walk the Quantum Plane is Oak. His strength is renowned and feared throughout the Substratum. Basically good-hearted but naïve, Oak is a force on the side of Glimmer and yet is susceptible to manipulation by evil things.

dusk Dusk
Only Appearance: Dark Dominion Trading Card #134
Mysterious, aloof, able to see the Substratum and walk on the Quantum Plane, Dusk is as powerful and dangerous as she is beautiful-often an ally of The Light, yet drawn to the shadows, enticed by the passions of the night.

diesel Diesel
Only Appearance: Dark Dominion Trading Card #137
Diesel's origins are unknown, but there is no secret about his agenda. He sees himself as a swashbuckling rogue, an indefatigable lover and the answer to every woman's romantic dreams. Though he sides with Glimmer, he annoys virtually everyone with his oppressive ego.

torment Torment
Only Appearance: Dark Dominion Trading Card #139
The elder brother of Vex, Torment was born of yearning for the unattainable, grief due to irreparable loss, and denial of the inevitable. He sinks his hooks deep, undermining the confidence, eating away at hope, and fostering self-reproach.

moray Moray
Only Appearance: Dark Dominion Trading Card #141
A dweller in the dark drainage trenches deep within the Bowels and an "equal opportunity" fiend, Moray will dart out from the crumbling pipes in which it hides to bite, poison, and devour things of light or darkness. Woe be to the unwary.

bottom Bottom
Only Appearance: Dark Dominion Trading Card #142
Bottom is the mightiest of demons, the stuff of despair given dreadful form on the Quantum Plane. He is the ultimate enemy, the essence of evil. Bottom is fear itself.

ludwig Ludwig Von Knickelbein
Only Appearance: Dark Dominion Trading Card #143
Ludwig moved to the Bowels in protest against the corruption, politicking, and cliquishness of the fine-art world. Living in utter squalor, he works like a demon, seeking inspiration amid the despair and beauty amid the degradation.

butter Butter / Charlotte Mudge
Only Appearance: Dark Dominion Trading Card #145
As a publicist for Durston-Rathskeller, Charlotte Mudge works for a number of large corporate clients, including Conquest capital, L.P. and Tempo Industries, Inc. She earned the nickname Butter because of her smooth and slippery knack for lying. The word on Butter is: "She's very slick, and nothing sticks."

bopeep Bo Peep / Bo Pepperman
Only Appearance: Dark Dominion Trading Card #148
Bo makes her living as an exclusive, expensive executive escort. She is on retainer to Conquest Capital, L.P. and spends a great deal of her time entertaining clients and business associates of Charles Mal. Bo is renowned for her unbridled sensuality.

boil Boil: Joseph Kettle
Only Appearance: Dark Dominion Trading Card #149
Boil became a shop steward shortly after getting his first job and joining the Union. He worked his way up through the local organization and the regional office. Now he is the most powerful labor leader on the East Coast-a corrupt influence-peddler who privately jokes with confidants that he "never did an honest day's work in his life." He is secretly a member of Charles Mal's inner circle.

Evil things of the substratum


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